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DoctasaurusDoctasaurus's Eco tunes are written and performed by Doctasaurus for kids entertainment, education and enjoyment. They strive to inspire all children everywhere to be alert for signs of negativity and destructive impacts around the world.

Doctasaurus is extremely concerned about what all children of today are faced with in their future, and what children of the future will have to endure as a result of our current living conditions.

DoctasaurusHe writes his Eco-Tunes with a different message to the kids in each song. He sings with the passion of an active conservationist, the lessons of a teacher, the directness of a scientist and the wit of an entertainer.

Doctasaurus has been a teacher of guitar for many years. He is also an active environmental conservationist who, for over the past fourteen years has studied and rehabilitated native Australian wildlife and holds a degree in Biological Science, majoring in Conservation Biology. He works on forest experiments at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment based on University campus.

Doctasaurus intends to reach every child on Earth with the aim of preparing them for some of the most important issues in their future – conserving the Natural World.

Please share these wonderful, colourful catchy songs with your children and enjoy what Doctasaurus has to sing about in his own unique style of children's music.

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