Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in the early 1800's and heralded the birth of the "modern times." After the Industrial Revolution, work that was done by hand was accomplished through the use of machines. It brought on the advent of the steam engine, cotton gin, sewing machine, paper, telegraph, and railroad and it saw the beginnings of many of our present industries. While it occurred in the North, the effects of the Industrial Revolution have affected the entire world. Cars, planes, many objects made of metal, telephones, televisions and many other products are the result of this "revolution."

Industrial halocarbons

A group of synthetic chemical compounds containing carbon and one or more of chlorine, fluorine, or bromine. Only those industrial halocarbons containing chlorine or bromine pose a threat to the ozone layer.


Matter other than plant or animal, and not containing a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which all living things contain.

Integrated resource planning

The management of two or more resources in the same general area, such as water, soil, timber, grazing land, fish, wildlife and recreation.


Substances used to kill insects and prevent infestation.

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